Blondes have an average of 150,000 hairs on their head…

Blondes have an average of 150,000 hairs on their head…

I’ve been thinking more and more the last few months about God and His plan or purpose for my life. Trying to figure out what it is, looking back through my past at times when I’ve felt His presence and guidance… trying to recreate moments when I felt like I has some grasp on His ultimate point in creating me. It seems as though the harder I try to understand, the further away from it I really get. Then Matthew 10:30 came to mind, it talks about God knowing the exact number of hairs on our heads. He knows us… I mean KNOWS us… better than we know ourselves. His plan and His purpose for me is going to blow my mind. I can feel that in my gut. Because as I look through my life I see hints, cornerstones, foundations, all these things that when put together will be turned into something beyond my wildest dreams. 

When I was 11-12 I felt like God was calling me into His ministry. Missionary, Pastor… I’m still not sure. I pursued that for a long time but eventually walked away. 

When I was 15 I was told by a visiting pastor that God has a purpose for me that will change lives. 

There are things about my personality and character that I know are gifts given to me in order for me to connect with and help other people. 

I’ve had dreams at night of the things I will do and the changes I will help bring about. And none of it will be because of me or what I’ve done or who I am but completely because THIS is who God intended for me to be. Every minuscule detail of my entire existence has been woven and created and build so that I can live out His plan and purpose for me.

This is an old blog using an old website based on a name I came up with years and years and years ago… but it’s all part of the plan… His plan. This is just a simple beginning to something I have yet to even comprehend. 

He has a purpose and a plan for you too. I promise you that… thanks for reading. Keep coming back and watch His purpose be fulfilled… 

Keeping My Bucket Full…

Keeping My Bucket Full…

The legacy I want to leave is one of love, strength and compassion.

When people think back on my life I want them to see that I walked through life living out the love of Christ in all situations. For me this means focusing daily on my Bible and prayer time to keep my mind and heart filled with my Savior. Those daily study and prayer times will overflow into my relationships and all interactions with people. Christ will shine through me and through HIS love I can and will make a difference in each and every person I meet.

I’m choosing now to have an attitude of unconditional love and constant compassion for those that are having hard times. I can and will be strong in all things because I have God at my back and He will always carry me through.

Hole In Your Bucket?

Hole In Your Bucket?

Everyone has a list of random things they want to do in life. Things they want to experience. This is most often called their ‘Bucket List’…. the list of things they want to do, see, experience, accomplish, etc before they die. My curiosity is, How many of us actually do those things before they die? How many really take the time to live their lives to the fullest extent they dream of? And what really stops them from marking things off that list?

I have a very long and somewhat insane Bucket List of my own. Most of the things would take serious planning and money. That’s my excuse for not marking things off… I’m lazy. I just don’t take the time to really think out what it would take to accomplish my goals and i don’t take the time to plan or save for them. It’s sad really.

But what I’ve found to be sadder today is that not only to people (including me) not complete their Bucket List, most don’t even take the time to consider the type of Legacy they leave behind. What does your life say about you? What does your life tell the next generation? What will you be remembered for? These are all questions I have been asking myself…

Maybe its time I… WE… stop dreaming dreams and start living a life that will leave a Legacy… one that will make a difference… even in the life of one person.

Think back to people who have come before you… What do you remember most about their lives?

How will you leave your mark on the world?

(Part 2 Coming… It will be my own response to these questions…Stay tuned)