Services Currently Available

Here at Adventures In Change we strive to be anything and everything people may need through their journey in life. While we are growing constantly and our services here may seem limited, don’t let that stop you from reaching out with a need. Our goal is to be able to fill all needs we are presented with and we will do our best to make that come true for you.

Please reach out to us so that ‘Together, we move mountains’ out of your way to a new life.

  • Life Coaching.
  • Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Support.
  • Assistance in finding any services needed.
  • Backpacks filled with necessities for homeless men and women.
  • Carepacks for Addicts/Alcoholics new to recovery.
  • Free Bibles.
  • Free copies of the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book.
  • Wedding Officiation.
  • Hospital Visitation.
  • Visitation to Inpatient Treatment Centers and Hospitals.
  • Resume Writing Assistance.
  • Gratitude Training/Coaching.
  • Big Book Studies/Groups.
  • Bible Studies/Groups.
  • Assistance in finding local 12 Step Meetings.
  • Male and Female Sponsor Lists Avaliable.

All services are currently free but donations are more than welcome!

It’s only through your donations that we can help the next person that comes seeking help. Please see our page Dream To Reality for a variety of ways that you can made a difference in someone else’s life.

Thank you for being a part of Adventures In Change!!!