If You’re Gonna Dream, Dream BIG!

If You’re Gonna Dream, Dream BIG!

I heard something at a meeting that’s been ruminating in my brain all day long. The importance of speaking things into existence. That if you need or want something, part of making it happen starts by just stating it out loud and getting others involved through prayer and supporting you in this want/need… Life isn’t lived alone. It shouldn’t be. It was never meant to be. So why would we hold on to our hopes and dreams when we can open them up to others who can help us achieve those things?

I would LOVE to know your hopes, dreams and needs. PLEASE feel free to share them with me! In the meantime, I’m going to share mine with you…

Adventures In Change

Currently it is a website/blog/email address and Facebook page. But my dream is that it will represent a world of possibility. A physical space where people can come for help, guidance, safety and a new start. Whether an addict/alcoholic needing a meeting, help getting into treatment, a listening ear or anything else…Or maybe someone who needs help learning the basics of independent life like cooking skills, balancing a budget, simple automotive care or finding a job. I dream of having people from all walks of life come to Adventures In Change to either find a new life or to be what someone else needs in order to get that fresh start. There will be books I write and my husband Duane writes and ones we write together that will help people in some way. We will branch out and have other sites all over the world where people will know they can come anytime and get exactly what they need. Sober living houses and treatment centers will be another part of what we have available. I plan to have access to safe spaces for abused women, sex trafficking survivors, single parents and people in similar situations to find life and freedom. This is but a beginning of a much larger dream I have yet to even realize. But I do know that at Adventures In Change we will be united with different people from different backgrounds living different lives but all working together for one single purpose… to change this world one person at a time. Yes, when I dream, I dream BIG… but I am unstoppable. Someday this will be my reality. Dreams are meant to come true.

World’s Worst Four Letter Word…

World’s Worst Four Letter Word…

In today’s society people swear and use foul language constantly, even in everyday conversations. While swearing used to be reserved for banging your shin on a table or hammering your thumb, now expletives color most sentences that come out of peoples mouths. But what about other words? I can think of several words in the English language that really should no longer be used because they are foul. Today I want to take a few minutes to lay out one word in particular that has been on my mind a lot recently. And I hope that my thoughts bring new meaning to the word for you and that we will all be more cautious using it.


How is this a swear word? What makes it foul? Its not vulgar… or is it?

I recently left my job and I heard from several people not to be so stressed and upset because it is ‘just’ a job. I’ve used this word in many situations… Its ‘just’ a scratch. Don’t worry about it, it was ‘just’ (fill in your words here).

But I really got to thinking. The word ‘just’ is an awful word. It down plays situations, feeling and experiences that shouldn’t always be. What if a by mediaplayer” href=”#59977153″> single by mediaplayer” href=”#59977153″> mother lost her job and that job was the only thing keeping food in her children’s mouths? Its not JUST a job. A peanut butter sandwich isn’t JUST a sandwich to someone who hasn’t eaten in days. It’s not JUST a clump of tissue to the woman that has miscarried their child. A Doctor never says ‘It’s JUST cancer.’ Is it JUST a B- to a student who needs straight A’s to get a by mediaplayer” href=”#89107568″> scholarship by mediaplayer” href=”#89107568″> to college? No. Its a huge disappointment that should be recognized instead of down played and blown off. The word JUST is the newest and most foul four letter word. It causes people to feel that their hopes, dreams, feelings, thoughts and even lives are somehow less important or less significant. JUST is demeaning.

I ask that next time you are tempted to use the word JUST when speaking to someone, take a moment to think of how that one little word may cause harm rather than good. by mediaplayer” href=”#74044650″> Offer by mediaplayer” href=”#74044650″> true support to the person.

Don’t sweep their situation under a rug of JUST.