Terminology We Prefer…

Terminology We Prefer…

Adventures In Change is an Organization built differently than the norm and because we strive to maintain our ability to be different, we came up with a new view on the terminology we use as we go about our business every day. Here is a look into the terms we use and the vision behind them.  

Everyone knows that life has its ups and downs. There are hard times and struggles. We think of these times as mountains to be climbed. Well when facing Everest, no one climbs it alone. That is where Adventures In Change comes in. 

If the struggle/hard time/rough patch you are facing is Everest that makes you a Mountaneer. But we prefer the term Traveler. The journey of life isn’t only about climbing that mountain, everyone travels many roads before and after that Everest moment. We prefer the term Traveler over the typical term ‘Client’ because we aren’t taking your money when we help you, we are everyday people just like you, and its a much better descriptor of the relationship between us and you.

If you are a Traveler, climbing Everest, the people within our Organization are Sherpas. Sherpas are the indigenous people surrounding Everest that journey with those coming to climb to the top of the world. They carry the weight of the journeys supplies, they go before the climbers to check for safety issues and if needed, the Sherpa is the one who rushes in at the moment of an emergency to save the climber. Our goal is to be everything you may need on your journey. Travelers and Sherpas go hand in hand. 

We don’t currently have our Base Camp BUT once we retain a physical residence it will be called Base Camp. Traditionally this is where the Climber/Hiker/Traveler goes to seek assistance on their journey and find safety as they travel. Our dream for Base Camp has many stages. Initially it may not be more than a public office space. Currently we work on the move and from a private residence. The next goal would be to have space that includes bedrooms, bathrooms as well as separate offices and meeting spaces. End goal is to purchase an old hotel/motel that would become a full treatment center, sober living, food/clothes bank, job resource and so on. 

Adventures In Change is just getting started… We meet new Travelers to help everyday and we add to our list of Sherpas constantly. Right now we may be small but that doesn’t stop us from climbing Everest again and again. 

Want to be a Sherpa? Or perhaps you are a Traveler in need… Go to our Contact page today and reach out! We will reach back!



YEARS ago… yes literally… years… I had so much going on in my life. I was trying to deal with the death of my son, battling mental illness and addiction, living far from any real support system and just begging God to take me to Heaven and end my suffering.

Instead he gave me three words.

Adventures In Change.

And I started to do just that… think of everything I did as an adventure. Change my thinking and my life one step at a time. And so much has happened since then, good things and bad things but here I am with a HUGE dream taking baby steps again…

God Shots

God Shots

Has something ever happened in your life that you knew without a shadow of a doubt was 100% God because no way could you have even tried to make it happen and actually succeed? Cool… well THAT was my Sunday morning at church this week. I’ll start at the beginning:

I’ve got a completely illogical, potentially unrealistic dream of having a non-profit/business/whateveryouwanttocallit called Adventures In Change. I outlined much of it in a post a few days ago. Please feel free to pause reading and go back to that post for a refresher. I’ll wait.

Done? Awesome. On we go…

I serve on our Intercessory Prayer team at church, basically I’m on campus during first service and all I’m doing is praying for those in the service. Its insanely intense every single time I serve but this Sunday blew me away. Still blown away actually. So I’m there praying and an image flashes through my mind. Purple mountains. I think “Weird random thought but okay.” And I keep praying. It happens again and again. So I pull out my notebook and of course I ‘happen’ to have a purple ink pen and I start very crudely drawing what I had envisioned. As I’m drawing these words come to mind, “Together, We Move Mountains.” and then the Bible Verse “Matthew 17:20”. So I finish doing what I can to create this image and this is what I end up with.


Then I looked up Matthew 17:20 in my Bible,

“He said to them,’Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, You will say to this mountain “Move from here to there,” and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

HOW CRAZY IS THIS?!? I’m not creative. I haven’t even been THINKING yet about having a logo for this dream I’m fighting for. I had no idea what Matthew 17:20 was. And how awesome is the tagline “Together, We Move Mountains”! I am ALWAYS saying that life is a WE program. That we need to reach out and rely on those around us to help us through. And it doesn’t say, “Together, We CAN Move Mountains”… This is a sure thing, a promise, a guarantee… TOGETHER, WE MOVE MOUNTAINS!!! Total Faith. LOVE IT!

Later, in second service we did prayer time at the end and a gentleman friend on the altar prayer team had a woman come to him for prayer. Our church has an awesome policy that women pray with women and men with men but if this type of situation comes up where a man/woman pair happens then another person of the same sex as the person seeking prayer will join in. So I went and joined them simply to agree in prayer and be that female support. Well as the gentleman was praying he started praying Matthew 17:20!!! I am not even kidding you. I CANNOT make this stuff up!!! Talk about confirmation that the image, tagline and verse were from God! It was amazing for me for sure because this is a HUGE lofty dream. I recognize that fully! So I’m in and out of doubt a lot as I do things to work toward making it a reality but this last Sunday was proof for me that God really did give me this dream and He’s working right along side me to make it all happen. God is so good you guys, so so good!!!

As an additional side note, these are a couple images I created as I work toward finding the official logo… If you are into designing, contact me!!!


If You’re Gonna Dream, Dream BIG!

If You’re Gonna Dream, Dream BIG!

I heard something at a meeting that’s been ruminating in my brain all day long. The importance of speaking things into existence. That if you need or want something, part of making it happen starts by just stating it out loud and getting others involved through prayer and supporting you in this want/need… Life isn’t lived alone. It shouldn’t be. It was never meant to be. So why would we hold on to our hopes and dreams when we can open them up to others who can help us achieve those things?

I would LOVE to know your hopes, dreams and needs. PLEASE feel free to share them with me! In the meantime, I’m going to share mine with you…

Adventures In Change

Currently it is a website/blog/email address and Facebook page. But my dream is that it will represent a world of possibility. A physical space where people can come for help, guidance, safety and a new start. Whether an addict/alcoholic needing a meeting, help getting into treatment, a listening ear or anything else…Or maybe someone who needs help learning the basics of independent life like cooking skills, balancing a budget, simple automotive care or finding a job. I dream of having people from all walks of life come to Adventures In Change to either find a new life or to be what someone else needs in order to get that fresh start. There will be books I write and my husband Duane writes and ones we write together that will help people in some way. We will branch out and have other sites all over the world where people will know they can come anytime and get exactly what they need. Sober living houses and treatment centers will be another part of what we have available. I plan to have access to safe spaces for abused women, sex trafficking survivors, single parents and people in similar situations to find life and freedom. This is but a beginning of a much larger dream I have yet to even realize. But I do know that at Adventures In Change we will be united with different people from different backgrounds living different lives but all working together for one single purpose… to change this world one person at a time. Yes, when I dream, I dream BIG… but I am unstoppable. Someday this will be my reality. Dreams are meant to come true.

Blondes have an average of 150,000 hairs on their head…

Blondes have an average of 150,000 hairs on their head…

I’ve been thinking more and more the last few months about God and His plan or purpose for my life. Trying to figure out what it is, looking back through my past at times when I’ve felt His presence and guidance… trying to recreate moments when I felt like I has some grasp on His ultimate point in creating me. It seems as though the harder I try to understand, the further away from it I really get. Then Matthew 10:30 came to mind, it talks about God knowing the exact number of hairs on our heads. He knows us… I mean KNOWS us… better than we know ourselves. His plan and His purpose for me is going to blow my mind. I can feel that in my gut. Because as I look through my life I see hints, cornerstones, foundations, all these things that when put together will be turned into something beyond my wildest dreams. 

When I was 11-12 I felt like God was calling me into His ministry. Missionary, Pastor… I’m still not sure. I pursued that for a long time but eventually walked away. 

When I was 15 I was told by a visiting pastor that God has a purpose for me that will change lives. 

There are things about my personality and character that I know are gifts given to me in order for me to connect with and help other people. 

I’ve had dreams at night of the things I will do and the changes I will help bring about. And none of it will be because of me or what I’ve done or who I am but completely because THIS is who God intended for me to be. Every minuscule detail of my entire existence has been woven and created and build so that I can live out His plan and purpose for me.

This is an old blog using an old website based on a name I came up with years and years and years ago… but it’s all part of the plan… His plan. This is just a simple beginning to something I have yet to even comprehend. 

He has a purpose and a plan for you too. I promise you that… thanks for reading. Keep coming back and watch His purpose be fulfilled… 

Keeping My Bucket Full…

Keeping My Bucket Full…

The legacy I want to leave is one of love, strength and compassion.

When people think back on my life I want them to see that I walked through life living out the love of Christ in all situations. For me this means focusing daily on my Bible and prayer time to keep my mind and heart filled with my Savior. Those daily study and prayer times will overflow into my relationships and all interactions with people. Christ will shine through me and through HIS love I can and will make a difference in each and every person I meet.

I’m choosing now to have an attitude of unconditional love and constant compassion for those that are having hard times. I can and will be strong in all things because I have God at my back and He will always carry me through.

Hole In Your Bucket?

Hole In Your Bucket?

Everyone has a list of random things they want to do in life. Things they want to experience. This is most often called their ‘Bucket List’…. the list of things they want to do, see, experience, accomplish, etc before they die. My curiosity is, How many of us actually do those things before they die? How many really take the time to live their lives to the fullest extent they dream of? And what really stops them from marking things off that list?

I have a very long and somewhat insane Bucket List of my own. Most of the things would take serious planning and money. That’s my excuse for not marking things off… I’m lazy. I just don’t take the time to really think out what it would take to accomplish my goals and i don’t take the time to plan or save for them. It’s sad really.

But what I’ve found to be sadder today is that not only to people (including me) not complete their Bucket List, most don’t even take the time to consider the type of Legacy they leave behind. What does your life say about you? What does your life tell the next generation? What will you be remembered for? These are all questions I have been asking myself…

Maybe its time I… WE… stop dreaming dreams and start living a life that will leave a Legacy… one that will make a difference… even in the life of one person.

Think back to people who have come before you… What do you remember most about their lives?

How will you leave your mark on the world?

(Part 2 Coming… It will be my own response to these questions…Stay tuned)

World’s Worst Four Letter Word…

World’s Worst Four Letter Word…

In today’s society people swear and use foul language constantly, even in everyday conversations. While swearing used to be reserved for banging your shin on a table or hammering your thumb, now expletives color most sentences that come out of peoples mouths. But what about other words? I can think of several words in the English language that really should no longer be used because they are foul. Today I want to take a few minutes to lay out one word in particular that has been on my mind a lot recently. And I hope that my thoughts bring new meaning to the word for you and that we will all be more cautious using it.


How is this a swear word? What makes it foul? Its not vulgar… or is it?

I recently left my job and I heard from several people not to be so stressed and upset because it is ‘just’ a job. I’ve used this word in many situations… Its ‘just’ a scratch. Don’t worry about it, it was ‘just’ (fill in your words here).

But I really got to thinking. The word ‘just’ is an awful word. It down plays situations, feeling and experiences that shouldn’t always be. What if a by mediaplayer” href=”#59977153″> single by mediaplayer” href=”#59977153″> mother lost her job and that job was the only thing keeping food in her children’s mouths? Its not JUST a job. A peanut butter sandwich isn’t JUST a sandwich to someone who hasn’t eaten in days. It’s not JUST a clump of tissue to the woman that has miscarried their child. A Doctor never says ‘It’s JUST cancer.’ Is it JUST a B- to a student who needs straight A’s to get a by mediaplayer” href=”#89107568″> scholarship by mediaplayer” href=”#89107568″> to college? No. Its a huge disappointment that should be recognized instead of down played and blown off. The word JUST is the newest and most foul four letter word. It causes people to feel that their hopes, dreams, feelings, thoughts and even lives are somehow less important or less significant. JUST is demeaning.

I ask that next time you are tempted to use the word JUST when speaking to someone, take a moment to think of how that one little word may cause harm rather than good. by mediaplayer” href=”#74044650″> Offer by mediaplayer” href=”#74044650″> true support to the person.

Don’t sweep their situation under a rug of JUST.