2021 Everest & Jesus

2021 Everest & Jesus

How do you follow a year like 2020? Really you may not want to because it feels like asking for trouble or praying for patience. I could fill books and blogs and my therapists note pad with tales of all the mess contained in 2020. I’m not even talking about the chaos that reigned in public… this is just me saying 2020 was my own personal hot mess express. 

So because of this I wanted 2021 to really be something phenomenal. In the face of everything 2020 threw at me I remained steadfast and lived out my word… UNSTOPPABLE. Now I was to continue my own personal growth and chase after those things that I’ve always wanted. As I was thinking and praying for guidance in this year’s word I kept coming back to images and stories about how Everest was always an unclimbable summit. Technically speaking you are dying the whole climb and everything should stop you from reaching the top. So how do people get up there? Oxygen, sure. Sherpa, yep. Technological advances in equipment, absolutely. But none of that keeps your feet moving when you are exhausted, unable to breathe and your body is destroying itself. What keeps you going is passion, willpower, faith, hope and love for what you are doing. So 2021 is my Everest. I’m chasing unclimbable peaks this year… one foot in front of the other. 

I also chose the word Jesus because I know without him I am nothing and through him all Everests can be climbed. I’m going to be spending this year doing a study of Jesus so that I can know him better, become better and find more of who I was created to be. 

Everest and Jesus.. 2021 here I come!


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