2020.. Then & Now

2020.. Then & Now


Why unstoppable? Because I am consistently putting up barriers in my own way. Because I don’t believe in myself the way I should. Because others question my sanity when I talk about the changes I will make in the world and the long term goals I have. Because I am working full time, in a graduate program, I will soon be doing internships hours for school, I’m a wife and Mother and chaos reigns… always.

So this year I will strive not to get in my own way, let doubt overtake me, allow chaos to break me down or the words of others prevent me from all the things I am created to do and be.

In 2020 I will be UNSTOPPABLE.

This is what I wrote before living 2020 as “Unstoppable”. I’ve never been more proud of myself living out a word than this year. We all know the year 2020 was… rough… but even when I wanted to quit and give up and hide. I didn’t.


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