2004, 2005 & 2006…

2004, 2005 & 2006…

2004 Spread Hope

I know I know… this is two words but they go in tandom with each other. I couldn’t just use “spread” without having to offer an explanation as to what I’m working on spreading. On the flip side I couldn’t use “hope” because my goals wasn’t for me to experience hope but rather to help others find hope. This was a beautiful year because I learned the power of positive perspectives and how important it can be to have someone in your life that can hold on to hope or carry hope when you just can’t see it. 

2005 Learn

This year I wanted to focus on learning because I felt very lost in life. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, who I was, who I needed to be or anything of that nature. Living out “learn” gave me the ability to see every situation as an opportunity to learn and discover myself and the world around me. It was 365 days of growth which was uncomfortable but beyond what I could have ever asked for. 

2006 Adventure

I feel like this word is very self explanatory. 2006 started out exciting as I was pregnant with our son Hank and I knew there would be so many adventures in the days to come. What I didn’t anticipate was that our son would be stillborn at 37 weeks gestation and the adventures I ended up experiencing were extremely painful, scary and devastating. They say time heals all wounds but I spent years painfully wounded before any healing came. 2006 was indeed an adventure.


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