2000 Sparkle

2000 Sparkle

Man this year was so long ago! Odd to think I’ve been picking a word to live by for 20 years. And I thought I couldn’t feel any older… sigh. 2000 was a unique year for me. I was finishing high school, taking classes at community college and making a lot of decisions that I would eventually regret. Being that this was my first year picking a word to live by I didn’t really go for anything dramatic or challenging. I remember putting a lot of pressure on myself to pick a really epic word but I couldn’t seem to settle on one that really felt right. Then up at my youth groups Winter Retreat getting ready to ring in the new decade (we totally partied like it was 1999… because it was…) I was doing the Hustle with my youth group and watching the sparkle from the disco ball dance around the room… then it hit me. I wanted to Sparkle. I wanted to bring life and light and hope to the world around me. So I spent a year trying to do just that. I think I was successful but I also think I could have approached so many situations differently and made a lot of better choices. But hey, hindsight is 2020… right?


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