Terminology We Prefer…

Terminology We Prefer…

Adventures In Change is an Organization built differently than the norm and because we strive to maintain our ability to be different, we came up with a new view on the terminology we use as we go about our business every day. Here is a look into the terms we use and the vision behind them.  

Everyone knows that life has its ups and downs. There are hard times and struggles. We think of these times as mountains to be climbed. Well when facing Everest, no one climbs it alone. That is where Adventures In Change comes in. 

If the struggle/hard time/rough patch you are facing is Everest that makes you a Mountaneer. But we prefer the term Traveler. The journey of life isn’t only about climbing that mountain, everyone travels many roads before and after that Everest moment. We prefer the term Traveler over the typical term ‘Client’ because we aren’t taking your money when we help you, we are everyday people just like you, and its a much better descriptor of the relationship between us and you.

If you are a Traveler, climbing Everest, the people within our Organization are Sherpas. Sherpas are the indigenous people surrounding Everest that journey with those coming to climb to the top of the world. They carry the weight of the journeys supplies, they go before the climbers to check for safety issues and if needed, the Sherpa is the one who rushes in at the moment of an emergency to save the climber. Our goal is to be everything you may need on your journey. Travelers and Sherpas go hand in hand. 

We don’t currently have our Base Camp BUT once we retain a physical residence it will be called Base Camp. Traditionally this is where the Climber/Hiker/Traveler goes to seek assistance on their journey and find safety as they travel. Our dream for Base Camp has many stages. Initially it may not be more than a public office space. Currently we work on the move and from a private residence. The next goal would be to have space that includes bedrooms, bathrooms as well as separate offices and meeting spaces. End goal is to purchase an old hotel/motel that would become a full treatment center, sober living, food/clothes bank, job resource and so on. 

Adventures In Change is just getting started… We meet new Travelers to help everyday and we add to our list of Sherpas constantly. Right now we may be small but that doesn’t stop us from climbing Everest again and again. 

Want to be a Sherpa? Or perhaps you are a Traveler in need… Go to our Contact page today and reach out! We will reach back!