God Shots

God Shots

Has something ever happened in your life that you knew without a shadow of a doubt was 100% God because no way could you have even tried to make it happen and actually succeed? Cool… well THAT was my Sunday morning at church this week. I’ll start at the beginning:

I’ve got a completely illogical, potentially unrealistic dream of having a non-profit/business/whateveryouwanttocallit called Adventures In Change. I outlined much of it in a post a few days ago. Please feel free to pause reading and go back to that post for a refresher. I’ll wait.

Done? Awesome. On we go…

I serve on our Intercessory Prayer team at church, basically I’m on campus during first service and all I’m doing is praying for those in the service. Its insanely intense every single time I serve but this Sunday blew me away. Still blown away actually. So I’m there praying and an image flashes through my mind. Purple mountains. I think “Weird random thought but okay.” And I keep praying. It happens again and again. So I pull out my notebook and of course I ‘happen’ to have a purple ink pen and I start very crudely drawing what I had envisioned. As I’m drawing these words come to mind, “Together, We Move Mountains.” and then the Bible Verse “Matthew 17:20”. So I finish doing what I can to create this image and this is what I end up with.


Then I looked up Matthew 17:20 in my Bible,

“He said to them,’Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, You will say to this mountain “Move from here to there,” and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

HOW CRAZY IS THIS?!? I’m not creative. I haven’t even been THINKING yet about having a logo for this dream I’m fighting for. I had no idea what Matthew 17:20 was. And how awesome is the tagline “Together, We Move Mountains”! I am ALWAYS saying that life is a WE program. That we need to reach out and rely on those around us to help us through. And it doesn’t say, “Together, We CAN Move Mountains”… This is a sure thing, a promise, a guarantee… TOGETHER, WE MOVE MOUNTAINS!!! Total Faith. LOVE IT!

Later, in second service we did prayer time at the end and a gentleman friend on the altar prayer team had a woman come to him for prayer. Our church has an awesome policy that women pray with women and men with men but if this type of situation comes up where a man/woman pair happens then another person of the same sex as the person seeking prayer will join in. So I went and joined them simply to agree in prayer and be that female support. Well as the gentleman was praying he started praying Matthew 17:20!!! I am not even kidding you. I CANNOT make this stuff up!!! Talk about confirmation that the image, tagline and verse were from God! It was amazing for me for sure because this is a HUGE lofty dream. I recognize that fully! So I’m in and out of doubt a lot as I do things to work toward making it a reality but this last Sunday was proof for me that God really did give me this dream and He’s working right along side me to make it all happen. God is so good you guys, so so good!!!

As an additional side note, these are a couple images I created as I work toward finding the official logo… If you are into designing, contact me!!!



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